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z2 Custom Lettering 16 Inch Tall Decal / Sticker

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Amount of letters or numbers to be cut.
This selection will replace the color in the image that is NOT WHITE. The white is not part of the decal.
Would you like your decal Flipped so it is facing the opposite of what is shown?
Do you want your decal to be 2 colors?
Select ONLY if you chose an option in STEP 4.
Font Examples Below in Description Area
Character Count MUST match the number in STEP 1.
For any changes or concerns.
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Note that this form is for 16 inch TALL letters.  That means that capital letters will be this height.  Lowercase letters will be shorter (in most cases) and characters that hang down below the carriage return line (ie: "g") will cause the decal to be taller than this height.  The overall width of your decal will vary based on the font you choose.  Some fonts characters will be wider than they are tall so be causious when ordering.  If you want to order by total width of the decal please order from the standard custom lettering form.

Font List:

Custom Lettering Fonts

Other fonts listed but not shown can be found on the Custom Numbering Page.

*Note that this order form is for the HEIGHT of each letter.  If you want to order by total width of of the decal please order from the standard custom lettering form. You select what you want the decal to say along with any font you want. If you have a font picked out that we don't have listed please select "CUSTOM": from the bottom of the font pull down box. Then list the name of the font in the ":comments": box.

Be sure to choose the proper amount of characters you need in STEP 1.  You do not need to count spaces as characters. Only count the amount of letters/numbers that are to be cut.

Be sure to type just as you would like it to appear (UPPERCASE and lowercase will be noted). Some fonts may have to be all UPPERCASE and some may have to be all lowercase. The examples all start with uppercase and the rest of the letters are lower case. If the example has all upper or lower case then that is the only option.


Don't see a font you like?  Check out http://www.dafont.com for a list of thousands of fonts you can preview with your lettering.  If you find a font on there you like choose CUSTOM from the bottom of the font list and let us know the name of the font in the comments box.

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