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Most decals can be made in any color you want.

3D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Decal Sheets

FastDecals.com is now offering the most realistic carbon fiber film available.  This vinyl not only looks but also FEELS LIKE real carbon fiber.  Automotive rated for years of outdoor use.  We have 2 different styles to choose from.  

All die-cut style decals on this site can be made in the Ultimate Carbon Fiber.  Simply choose it as your color choice when ordering.

Each Image shows our Ultimate Carbon Fiber on the left.  The 3M Di-Noc Carbon Fiber is shown on the right.

Ultimate Carbon Fiber

Ultimate Carbon Fiber

Ultimate Carbon Fiber Back

Ultimate Carbon Fiber Adhesive

3M Di-Noc Black Carbon Fiber Sheet

Ultimate<->  Di-Noc Ultimate <-> Di-Noc Ultimate <-> Di-Noc Ultimate <-> Di-Noc 3M Di-Noc Sheet
Silver Carbon  White Carbon White Carbon White Carbon  Silver Carbon
 Ultimate Silver Carbon Fiber

Ultimate White Carbon Fiber

Ultimate White Carbon Fiber

Ultimate White Carbon Fiber Roll

 Ultimate Silver Carbon Fiber

For Comparison:

Ultimate Carbon Fiber 3M Di-Noc Carbon Fiber
Thinner.  While still thick and durable, requires less heat to stretch. Extra Thick.  More protection but requires more heat to wrap around complex curves.
Solid Adhesive.  Can easily be used to wrap items without air bubbles.  Most professional "wrappers" use material without air channels. Comply air channels in the adhesive.  The air channels in the adhesive help eliminate bubbles during installation.
Can be used for our 1000's of decals online.  Listed as color choice: "Ultimate Carbon Fiber". Can only be used for wrapping solid objects.  Due to the thickness of the vinyl it does not cut intricate shapes well.
Slightly Darker than the Di-Noc so it appears more black. Slightly Ligher than the Ultimate so appears more gray.
Slightly Glossier than the Di-Noc. Has less gloss to it than the Ultimate.
Less costly at about 30% cheaper than the Di-Noc. More expensive but Di-Noc is an extremely high quality 3M product.

Here are a couple things that customers have wrapped:

  • Phones / Laptops
  • Car Roofs
  • Automotive Interior Pieces
  • Entire Cars and Motorcycles
  • Home Appliances
  • Furniture

The idea of things you can wrap are endless!

Upload your pictures of your Carbon Fiber wraps on FaceBook.

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