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Decal Color Chart
Most decals can be made in any color you want.

Custom Vinyl Stickers

We specialize in Custom Vinyl Stickers and Custom Vinyl Decals

  • Our custom vinyl stickers can be made in any size and color you want.
  • The vinyl in custom vinyl decals is waterproof.
  • All of the vinyl stickers on our site are outdoor durable for many years.
  • If you don't see what you want in our catalog, we will be happy to make you a custom vinyl sticker. Just use our custom vinyl decal contact form to get started.

Custom Vinyl Lettering Decals and Stickers

Looking for Custom Lettering Stickers (based on overall width) or

Custom Numbering Stickers (based on overall width) ?

Click on the image to left if looking for your custom lettering to be a specific height.

By Height (in Inches): 0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22

Get an instant decal quote


Get a quote FAST by clicking on one of the styles below that best suits your needs. If you are unsure just click on the link that looks the closest to what you want.

Custom Die-Cut Stickers (No Background)

Custom Square Cut Stickers

Custom Die-cut Decals and Stickers Custom Printed Decals and Stickers
  • No background!  Sticker is the shape of the design with holes cut out.
  • Up to 100 inches in size!
  • Minimum order is normally just one or two stickers
  • Custom color/material choices like chrome and carbon fiber.
  • Works great on windows where you need to see through open areas of the design.
  • Click Here or the image above to get a quote FAST!
  • Square Cut Corners ONLY!
  • Sizes up to 93 Square Inches
  • Cheapest option for bulk stickers (125+)
  • As low as 10 cents each.
  • Several material options.
  • Click Here or the image above to get a quote FAST!

Custom Stock Die-Cut Shapes

Any Shape Full Color Custom Stickers

Custom Printed Decals and Stickers in Stock Shapes Custom Printed Decals and Stickers in ANY SHAPE
  • We have about 50 pre-made dies in custom shapes ready to cut.
  • These dies are one size and shape and can not be modified.  (List available upon request)
  • Cheaper option for bulk stickers (250+) than our "Any Shape" printed decals.
  • As low as 19 cents each.
  • 3 Material options: Paper (for indoor use), White Vinyl with UV coating (for outdoor use) and Clear Polyester with UV coating (for outdoor use).
  • Click Here or the image above to get a quote FAST!
  • Can be made in ANY SHAPE!
  • Holes can be cut out of some open areas if needed.
  • Full color using CMYK inks results in photo quality prints.
  • Any size you want from 0.2 inch to 100 inches in ANY sizing increments.
  • Normally only a 1-6 minimum order
  • Lots of material and finishes available.
  • We have 1000's of custom patterns or you can use your own to fill in the design.
  • Click Here or the image above to get a quote FAST!

More Custom Decal and Custom Sticker Examples

Making custom stickers since 2001!

Many of the decals that you see on the site started out as custom stickers.
No job is too small or too large.  If you need just 1 custom sticker or 100,000 custom stickers, Fast Decals can help.
Email us for a custom quote on stickers made exactly to your specifications.
Full digital printing available for small or large runs of custom stickers.  Single color die-cut custom decals are of coarse available too.
We accept just about all types of image formats to work with (vector art preferred).
We give HUGE discounts too on bulk orders of custom stickers.  Pricing can be as little as 10 cents per sticker when purchasing in bulk.

Or see all of our Custom Stickers you may purchase directly online.

A few custom decals from past customers.

Custom Bumper StickersCustom Bumper Stickers

Over 1000 Custom Bumper Stickers

Custom Bull Skull Hardhat DecalCustom Tribal and Flame Hardhat Decals
Custom stickers for hardhat with bull skull, tribal 1 and up flames

Custom Backboard Decals
Custom stickers on glass backboard

Custom Pinball Decals
 Custom Musical Notes Stickers on Pinball machine

Custom Beaker DecalCustom Beaker Sticker

Diamond Plate Transformers DecalsDiamond Plate Transformers Window Decals
Diamond Plate Transformers Decals Transformer Stickers in Diamond Plate

Custom Decal Stripes  Punisher sticker with custom stripes made using Vinyl By The Foot


Custom Window Decal Custom lettering  sticker above wolf sticker

Custom hardhat stickers.  You can have something like this designed for your hardhats.

cover up decals  These stickers were used to cover up a mistake that was made on a printed brochure (we didn't print the brochures).

charity decals  Custom Charity Stickers.  Great for fundraisers.

Custom Plaid Decal Material

Custom Plaid Sticker

Custom Maltese Cross Hardhat Decals
Some custom 2 color custom hardhat stickers

Custom Scale Decals
2 color scale custom stickers

Custom R1 Decal in Chrome

Custom X Star Decal
Custom X Star Logo Sticker (the red "star" is a separate sticker)


Custom MGD Decal
Custom Miller Genuine Draft sticker


Custom Mirror Decal
Ordinary Mirror turned into art with a custom sticker

Bulk Decals  Large order of custom stickers for a gym

brushed aluminum decals  Custom circular Brushed Aluminum Stickers with printed logo

chrome decals  Custom Circular Chrome Stickers with printed logo

custom diamond plate decals  Custom Printed Diamond Plate Stickers

Some Custom Stickers we offer:

Car Stickers Stickers for Cars Motorcycle Stickers Helmet Stickers Snowmobile Stickers Window Stickers

Below are product we offer in bulk (normally a 125 quantity minimum) for HUGE discounts.  Get started on a custom sticker quote for any of the items listed below.

Image of 4-Color Process Outdoor Decals
4-Color Process Outdoor Stickers
Image of 4-Color Process Super-Tac and Ultra-Tac Decals
4-Color Process Super-Tac and Ultra-Tac Stickers
Image of Apparel Hang Tag Decals
Apparel Hang Tag Stickers
Image of Clear Liner Decals
Clear Liner Stickers
Image of Custom Die-Cut Vinyl & Clear Decals
Custom Die-Cut Vinyl & Clear Stickers
Image of Custom Indoor Labels
Custom Indoor Labels
Image of Custom Vinyl & Clear Decals Square Cut
Custom Vinyl & Clear StickersSquare Cut
Image of Destructible Decals
Destructible Stickers
Image of Digital Outdoor Decals
Digital Outdoor Stickers
Image of Domed Decals, Stock
Domed Stickers, Stock
Image of Domed Decals, Stock 4-Color Process
Domed Stickers, Stock 4-Color Process
Image of Domed Decals-Digital, Custom Shapes
Domed Stickers-Digital, Custom Shapes
Image of Domed Decals-Spot, Custom Shapes
Domed Stickers-Spot, Custom Shapes
Image of Double Face Decals, 4CP
Double Face Stickers, 4CP
Image of Double Face Decals, Spot Colors
Double Face Stickers, Spot Colors
Image of Embossable Aluminum and Write-On Decals, Custom
Embossable Aluminum and Write-On Stickers, Custom
Image of Embossable Aluminum and Write-On Decals, Stock
Embossable Aluminum and Write-On Stickers, Stock
Image of Glow-In-The-Dark Decals
Glow-In-The-Dark Stickers
Image of Hard Hat Decals, 4CP
Hard Hat Stickers, 4CP
Image of Hard Hat Decals, Custom 4CP
Hard Hat Stickers, Custom 4CP
Image of Hard Hat Decals, Spot Colors
Hard Hat Stickers, Spot Colors
Image of Identification Decals
Identification Stickers
Image of Identification Decals With Numbering
Identification Decals With Numbering
Image of Opaque White Vinyl & Removable Decals
Opaque White Vinyl & Removable Stickers
Image of Postcard Decals
Postcard Stickers
Image of Premium Decals Premium Stickers
Image of Prismatic Decals
Prismatic Stickers
Image of Static Stick Decals
Static Stick Stickers
Image of Super-Tac Decals
Super-Tac Stickers
Image of Truck Door Decals
Truck Door Stickers
Image of Truck Door Decals, 4CP
Truck Door Stickers, 4CP
Image of Truck Door Decals, Custom 4CP
Truck Door Stickers, Custom 4CP
Image of Tuf-Cal™ Decals
Tuf-Cal™ Stickers
Image of Ultra-Tac Decals
Ultra-Tac Stickers
Image of Velvet Textured Polycarbonate Decals, 4CP
Velvet Textured Polycarbonate Stickers, 4CP
Image of Velvet Textured Polycarbonate Decals, Spot Color
Velvet Textured Polycarbonate Stickers, Spot Color
Image of Voidable Chrome Decals
Voidable Chrome Stickers

  • Our decals are made from commercial quality vinyl that will last several years in harsh outdoor conditions. See color chart and/or material chart (if a full color print) for outdoor life expectancy for your particular design.

  • They come with adhesive on the back of the decal. Note that we do also offer front adhesive decals.

  • All decals are CUSTOM MADE to your specifications of size and color/material.

  • Each design can be made in any size and are measured LEFT TO RIGHT. (*Except Stick Figure Decals).  You choose the size in STEP 1 when ordering.

  • Our decals can be made in any color found on the color chart if you are chosing a color in Step 2.  If this is a "full color" printed style decal (you are choosing a material, not color, in Step 2) then we may be able to still change the color but it would be a color from one of these color charts.

  • The white rectangle the design is shown on is not part of the decal.  Most decals will not have a background; the majority of our decals are die-cut around the shape of the design unless otherwise noted or show. *Some FULLCOLOR decals will have white within the design. See the product information and the diagrams below for more information.

  • You may also choose to have a Shadow, Outline or Contour in an additional color for single color transfer decals.

  • Discounts are automatically added if you purchase more than one item.  Items don't have to be the same to qualify for the discount.

  • Please see the FAQ page for answers to questions you may have.

  • Is the design shown above close to what you are wanting but not quite perfect?  Use the "Ask a question" tab (above) to let us know what needs to be done to make it perfect for you. Or you can simply order and note in the comments box the change needed.  We will make the change and email you before we ship if there are any questions.

  • Don't see what you want in our catalog? We specialize in Custom Decals and Custom Stickers so you can send us your idea and we will make it for you.

The image below shows 3 different decal styles.  Use them to help visualize how your decal will look depending on what type of decal you are purchasing.

  1. The first one on the left is your standard die-cut transfer style decal.  The image on the order form shows it in black (upper left hand corner of the image) but yellow was chosen for the color.  As you can see the surface color shows through all the open areas within the design.  See the order form image.
  2. The middle design is similar but is with a Full Color transfer decal.  The design is printed but still has open areas within the eyes and mouth so those are cut out.  You can see what parts will be cut out on a full color decal as there will be a thin gray line any place there is a cut.  See the order form image.
  3. The final one on the right is a full color decal but there are no holes. The white edge wraps around the design giving it a white contour.  Once again, the edge is represented by a thin gray line.  See the order form image.  *Note that we have updated this design on the website where the white part is cut out above the red girl's tail.
  4. If you have any questions please use the "Ask a Question" tab above find out more.

Color Choices

Blank License Plates

Add your decal to a License Plate

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