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Decal Color Chart
Most decals can be made in any color you want.

Printed Decal Color Chart

This chart is to be used with FULL COLOR decals that let you choose a material in STEP 2.  This chart is NOT intended for single color die-cut style decals (products that have you choose a color in STEP 2).  But it can be used in conjuntion with them if you choose CUSTOM FILL ##### as your color choice and note the color you want in the comments box.  Note that this is a more expensive option than choosing a standard color available for die-cut decals.

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If you would like your decal made in any color(s) or patterns listed below please go to THIS PAGE for instructions at the bottom of the page on how to order. 

Printed Pattern Vinyl by the Foot (2 foot width)

Wanting any of the patterns below in decal sheet form (by the foot) you may order directly from here.

Basic Print Color Chart

Printed Decal Color Chart


Extended Print Color Chart

Extended Print Color Chart

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Note that you can download the PDF file and zoom in to see the color numbers on this chart.

White is not available on clear vinyl but we normally print on white material so it is a color option in most cases.

The colors shown above are the basic spot colors that can be printed.
Colors may not appear totally accurate on your phone/monitor or if printed due to variations in machines.

Printing on Clear or Reflective vinyl may change the shade of the color.

Various types of vinyl can be printed on to such as: Glossy, Matte, Reflective and Clear.  Please see the vinyl list for more details.

The patterns shown below are printed on vinyl rated for several years of outdoor use.
Various colors and designs are offered for most patterns.
Just click on the image and it will take you to a page that shows different colors or variations of that pattern.


Diamond Plate

Carbon Fiber

Animal Hides


Engine Turn


Snake Skins


Brushed Aluminum

Alien Surfaces


Skull Pattern Decals

Chrome Decals


Brick and Stones


Barbed Wire

Flowers and Grass



Bulls Eye




Want us to get even more creative?  Below is some of the other textures, softare and fills we have available.  Use the contact form to inquire about custom decals like this.

We can add crazy textures and effexts to anything.  Click the image below to see a video of all the different effects that can be added to your decal.

Crazy Textures for Decals

Thousands of patterns to fill in your design.  Pretty much any design you want can be filled in with about any pattern you can imagine.  Click on the images below to be taken to various online catalogs.

 Tilemaster fills

Custom Decals and Sticker Fills  Custom Decals and Sticker Fills

Want us to make something look weathered?  We got you covered.

Weathered Decals

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