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Decal Color Chart
Most decals can be made in any color you want. Click the image above for information on how to choose a color.

Oultines, Shadows and Contours

Outlines, Contours and Shadows

All Outlines, Contours and Shadows are two separate decals.  The Outline, Contour or Shadow is applied to the surface first and then the top layer is added to give one of the looks below.


Shadows consist of 2 identical but separate decals that you off-set during installation.  In the image below the black decals were installed first then the red was installed over the top.  As you can see you may off-set the top decal in any direction allowing the shadow to appear above, below, left, right or any combination of directions.

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Compound 2 Colors Decals

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The Compound 2 Colors option is used for two different colors in one design.  As shown in the images above the design is mixed with black and red.  This will consist of two separate color decals that you will line up during installation.  When choosing this option state specifically in the comments box what parts of each decal you want for each color.


More Compound 2 Color Examples

Outlines/Inline VS. Contours VS. Fill In

In the images below the first decal has no extras added to it.  The design with RED is an Outline/Inline while the BLUE is a Contour.  Outlines/Inlines follow around all cuts (inside and outside of the design).  While contours only follow around the outside of the design.  A FILL IN will be the same as a Contour withOUT the background color going past the edge of the design.  For most designs and Outline/Inline works best for lettering/numbers. While a Contour or Fill works best for art designs like cartoons or animals.

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2 Color Decal Option

Here is a Punisher decal with 2 Color option examples.

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More Examples of Outlines, Contours and Fills.


More Outline/Inline Examples


More Contour Examples

Some FILL Examples

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