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Decal Color Chart
Most decals can be made in any color you want. Click the image above for information on how to choose a color.


Welcome to StencilDecals.com

Almost every design on this site can be converted into a stencil.  Look for designs that are SINGLE COLOR as those are the ones that can be made into stencils.

Simply choose PAINT MASK as your color choice when you order and the design will made into an easily removable stencil decal.

Stencil decals are one time use only.  They work great on cars, trucks, motorcycles and interior walls of your house.

Get the design painted on your surface in 4 easy steps:

  1. Install decal where you want the design to appear.
  2. Remove the application tape covering the decal.
  3. Paint over the stencil in all the "open" areas.
  4. Remove the stencil and enjoy your new work of art.

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This design was cropped and turned upside-down to produce a stencil so the design below could be painted onto the wall.

Paint Mask Decals

Custom motorcycle tank painted using our stencils:

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