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Decal Color Chart
Most decals can be made in any color you want. Click the image above for information on how to choose a color.

Decal Lamination Options

Decal Lamination Options

What is decal lamination?

Lamination is a clear top coat the goes over the top of the decal to give it extra protection against scratches, chemical spills and extra protection against harmful UV rays from the sun.  Think of it as a clear coat for the ink.  While our decals are designed to last many years in outdoor conditions without lamination, it is a good idea to use lamination if you want the decal to be extra durable.  *Note that die-cut style decals that are single color (where you choose the color in Step 2 when ordering) don't require lamination since no ink is involved with those.  The color is impregnated within the material so that color goes all the way through to the backside.

Do I need lamination?

This will depend on what you plan to use the decal for and what your budget is.  If the decal is used inside, barely sees sunlight or is rarely ever touched you can normally get by without lamination.  Lamination is recommended if:

  • Decals that are constantly touched as the ink can rub and scratch off.

  • Decals that may come in contact with harch chemicals or fuel.  Gasoline can damage the ink so when used on something like a fuel tank it is recommended.
  • They will be used on boats are PWCs.  Reflection of the suns rays is greatly amplified on the water.
  • Off-road vehicles that will be muddy or scraped against trees, etc. can use the protection of lamination.
  • If you want a decal with a special finish that is not available without.  We offer glossy, matte and metallic which may not be available as standard prints.
  • Or if you simply want the most durable decal you can get.

What are the finish options available when using lamination?

We essentially offer 3 different style of finishes:

Glossy.  This makes our standard decal thicker and has more of a "wet look" to it.  Think of a standard paint job vs. a paint job with a clear coat.

Glossy Laminated Decal

Matte.  This gives the decal a softer or muted look by taking out the shine from the decal.  Gits ride of all the glossiness.

Matte Decal

Metallic.  This gives the decal some sparkle that really makes it "pop".

Metallic Decal  Metallic Sticker

Below are some comparisons of finishes side by side.  It can be hard to tell in pictures the differences.

Laminated decal vs. Non-laminated decal  Matte Decal vs. Metallic Decal

Decal Lamination Comparison  Sticker Lamination Comparison



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