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Decal Color Chart
Most decals can be made in any color you want. Click the image above for information on how to choose a color.

Top Hinge Decal Installation Guide

Top Hinge Method

This method is best used for decals that are more square or round in shape.

Be sure to review the basic instruction found on the Decal Installation Main Page first before starting.

First place the decal how you want it on the surface.  Be sure to level the actual decal, not the paper backing as it may not be cut level.
Place a piece of masking tape across the top of the decal as shown to hold it in place.
Flip the decal up using the tape as a "hinge".
Peel the paper backing off completely.
Now it is time to flip down the decal.
While still holding the bottom of the decal slowly work your way down the decal by applying pressure starting at the top.
Be sure to hold the decal tight so no wrinkles appear.
Squeegee the entire decal to make sure it is properly stuck to the surface.  *A credit card or a plastic spatula works great in place of a squeegee.
Finally, remove the application tape starting in the bottom right hand corner working your way to the the upper left.  Pull the tape PARALLEL to the surface.  DO NOT PULL UP OR AWAY FROM THE SURFACE as this can cause the decal to release.  Do this slowly to be sure that the decal sticks to the installation surface.
  You are now left with the final product.

Tip - The adhesive can take a few hours to fully cure.  In wet or cold climates this can take up to a few days for this to occur so be careful around it for the first few days.

Tip - For extra durability clear fingernail polish can be added to the corners of the decal. This is highly recommended for decals that have small points (such as flames) especially for (outdoor) decals.

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