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Decal Color Chart
Most decals can be made in any color you want. Click the image above for information on how to choose a color.

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z Custom Numbering Decal / Sticker

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The size you choose is measured LEFT to RIGHT.
This selection will replace the color in the image that is NOT WHITE. The white is not part of the decal.
Would you like your decal Flipped so it is facing the opposite of what is shown?
Do you want your decal to be 2 colors?
Select ONLY if you chose an option in STEP 4.
Font Examples Below in Description Area
!!!Size is for TOTAL WIDTH of the decal; NOT per letter!!!
For any changes or concerns.
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custom numbering sizing

  • Decals are available in any width and are measured <---LEFT TO RIGHT--->. The size you choose is for the TOTAL WIDTH of the decal (NOT each number).  If you need your decal to be a specific height you may order from the custom lettering page.
  • You may request the height you want by noting it in the comments box but you are still ordering WIDTH (left to right). Though it is best to let the height ":work out": to be proportional so the lettering doesn't look ":squashed":.
  • Don't see the Font you want? Let us know the name of the font you need and we will make the decal for you. We have over 1000 fonts available and will get ones we don't have if needed.
  • The black on in the image represents the color you are choosing. The white is just a background color and is not part of the decal. Your Sticker will not have a background: all Stickers are die-cut. See the color chart for details on colors.
  • You may select the lettering to be Normal, Slant Right or Slant Left. Note that fonts that are "Normal" and already have a slant to them will not necessarily slant the way you select.  Example: The AF Pepsi font below still slightly slants right even if you choose "Slant Left".  Please be sure to note in the comments box if you actually need it to slant left more than what is shown.

Don't see a font you like?  Check out http://www.dafont.com for a list of thousands of fonts you can preview with your lettering.  If you find a font on there you like choose CUSTOM from the bottom of the font list and let us know the name of the font in the comments box.

More fonts can be seen by clicking the main product image at the top of the page.

Some other "Race Car" style fonts

Fonts listed but not shown on this page can be found on the Custom Lettering Page.

Number Font Choices

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