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Decal Color Chart
Most decals can be made in any color you want. Click the image above for information on how to choose a color.



(Frequently Asked Questions)

    • What are the prices of the decals?
      Prices are shown next to the sizes on the pull-down menu.  Specialty vinyl and/or adding a second color adds to the cost.   
  1. Can I get the decals in a color other than black?
    Yes, the decals are just shown in black (some in other colors) just for reference.  All decals can be made in any color found on the color chart.  See a guide on how to choose the proper color here.
  2. How do I install the decal?
    Check out the decal installation page.
  3. How do I remove an existing sticker/decal?
    Check out the decal removal page.
  4. I would like to order a decal with a printed pattern but I can't find the option in the color choice pull down menu.
    Since there are literally hundreds of pattern options they all can't be listed in the pull down menu.  But it can be done by choosing CUSTOM FILL as your color choice and state the pattern name in the comments box.   A full guide on how to order these can be found here.
  5. Can I clear coat over the decals?
    Yes, since all the decal offered are vinyl or polyester based (not paper based) they may be cleared over.  This will prolong the outdoor life of the decals even longer than those times listed on the color chart.
  6. I  would like to order by phone but I can't seem to find a phone number.
    For security purposes (IP Tracking) our merchant account holder requires that all credit card transactions be processed online.  This processes the cards in real time.  You will get a receipt emailed to you immediately after the order is placed.  If you have any questions regarding an existing or future order please send us an email.
  7. I am located outside the United States, can I still order from you?
    Yes, we do ship internationally via Air Mail.
  8. I would like to pay with PayPal, is this possible?
    Yes, just select PayPal from the payment type on the shipping page.  You may now also use PayPal to process a credit card even if you don't have a PayPal account.
  9. How do I find out the specific height of each decal?
    This can be a little tricky but it can be figured out before you order.  Follow the instructions on the
    sizing page.  You may always just specify the height you want in the comments box but it is best to just let it work out to whatever is proportional.  Otherwise your design can begin to look "squashed" if the design is skewed too much.
  10. The preview images of the decals appear rough around the edges.  Is my decal going to look this way?
    No, the images just appear that way on your monitor.  Your decal will be cut smooth unless the decal is designed that way.
  11. I am applying the decal on glass: Does the decal go on the inside or outside of the window?
    The decal is designed to go on the outside of the window.  This allows it to be more visible.  If you would like for the decal to go on the inside of the glass that can be done too for most vinyl (see
    color chart for details on what vinyl can NOT be used on inside of glass).  Just select "Reverse" from the Extras pull down menu.
  12. How are the decals made?
    The decals are made by a computer plotter that precisely cuts a design according to a software program.  Then all of the excess vinyl is removed by hand.  Finally the decal is covered with an application tape that is used to install the decal.  Then the decal is trimmed down to a size that is easier to work with.
  13. How long can I expect the decals to last?
    That depends on the vinyl color and how the decal is treated.  We use the same type of vinyl used by sign shops for commercial vehicles.   Most of the vinyl we offer has a 6 year outdoor life.  This can be extended if the decal does not always sit in the sun/weather.  See the
    color chart for more information.
  14. Do you offer discounts?
    Yes we offer numerous discounts.  Please see our Discounts page for details.
  15. Can I get a refund if the item is not what I wanted?
    Since almost all decals are custom made to order the answer is usually no.  Please see our
    Refund page for more information on this matter.
  16. How soon can I expect my order to arrive?
    Orders are usually shipped within 24-48 hours (except for holidays and weekends).  DELIVERY time is normally  2-3 business days for U.S. residents if you choose to have your order shipped via PRIORITY MAIL.  First Class Mail takes between 4-10 days.  However, shipping times can vary depending on what part of the country you are in, USPS work load, holidays, weather conditions, etc.  USPS does not guarantee delivery times so if you need an order by a certain date be sure to order early to make sure you get it on time. *Printed "full color" decals take an extra 24 hours for the ink to dry so they are normally shipped 2-3 days after you order.

 International orders get sent via Air Mail; delivery times can vary from days to weeks depending on your location.

Still need an answer not found here?  You may contact us via email.

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