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10/2 Inch Off-Set Flaming Racing Stripe Decal / Sticker

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This universal racing stripe kit can be applied to any smooth clean surface.  Install on your car, truck, SUV or boat. Will last for several years in harsh outdoor conditions since we use only the highest quality material designed for automotive use.  Will not damage paint (though wait a few months before applying to new paint). Can be waxed over and treated as normal paint once installed.  Install wet OR dry.  Application tape is installed over the top of each stripe to ease the installation.  Each stripe is separate for easy installation and so you can choose the spacing you want.  Trims with scissors or knife.  Complete instructions included.  Installation squeegee is recommended but comes FREE with all orders over $49.

Stripe is 10 and 2 inches wide for the flame.  Don't see the size you want?  Simply order the size closest to what you are looking for and just note in the comments box the width you want the stripes to be.  No extra charge.  * Maximum width of all striping combined can be no more than 20 inches total.  Example: 15 / 5 inch combo would be okay (since it equals 20) but a 15 / 7 inch combo would not (since it equals 22 inches)

Special note for Metalized and Reflective vinyl:  While you can use these as racing stripes, they are best suited for mostly flat surfaces since they do not stretch well.  When using these films DRY installation must be used.

Got some crazy pattern in mind?  We can do custom work too.  Use the Direct Inquiry tab above to submit your idea.  Flames, Diamond Plate, Camo, American Flag, etc.?  We can custom print your stripe in any pattern you want.

Images should be used for illustration only as they are not drawn to scale.

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