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Most decals can be made in any color you want. Click the image above for information on how to choose a color.

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Z Custom Classic Motorcycle Lettering Decal / Sticker 01

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The size you choose is measured LEFT to RIGHT.
This selection will replace the color in the image that is NOT WHITE. The white is not part of the decal.
Would you like your decal Flipped so it is facing the opposite of what is shown?
Do you want your decal to be 2 colors?
Select ONLY if you chose an option in STEP 4.
!!!Size is for TOTAL WIDTH of the decal; NOT per letter!!!
!!!Size is for TOTAL WIDTH of the decal; NOT per letter!!!
For any changes or concerns.
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custom lettering sizing

Font List:


*Decals are available in any width and are measured <---LEFT TO RIGHT--->. The size you choose is for the TOTAL WIDTH of the decal (NOT each letter).  You select what you want the decal to say.

Please note that it is best to make the decal AT LEAST 1 inch wide for every 2 letters.
This insures that the lettering will be readable (and we will be able to make the decal).


  • 1 inch decal should be NO MORE THAN 2 letters
  • 2 inch decal should be NO MORE THAN 4 letters
  • 3 inch decal should be NO MORE THAN 6 letters and so on...

Be sure to type just as you would like it to appear (UPPERCASE and lowercase will be noted).


If you want a different font than that shown above please see our custom lettering form for different font options.

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