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Waterslide RC Car Model Decal / Sticker Paper Sheets


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These 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper sheets can be used in any ordinary ink-jet or Laser printer to print your own CUSTOM DECALS for models, matchbox or RC cars. This is for a single sheet but quantity discounts apply starting at just 2 items (see discounts page). Available in white (laser printers only) or clear material. White is recommended for application on dark colored surfaces so it stands out better and the colors will be brighter. Or in applications where white is needed within the design (your printer doesn't have white ink) Clear should be used on light colored surfaces as your printer ink is semitransparent so the background colors will show through lighter colors of ink.

Image shows FastDecals logo but your sheet will be blank so you can print your own.

Custom Printing is Available

We can custom print your sheet for you using our high quality laser printer.  The sheet will come fully printed.  You will need to hand cut out your designs and install them.  We can even clear coat over the sheet for you or you can do this yourself once you have the sheet(s).  Clear coating over is a must.

  • Simply set up your file using a 8.5x11 sheet as your guide leaving a half an inch border.
  • Fit as many designs as you want on that sheet.
  • Then export it as a high quality image, pdf, doc, or adobe related file.
  • Send the file to us via email. Be sure to include your order number so we know what file is yours (though we prefer you send the file to us BEFORE you order to verify it will work).

Note that the file will print IDENTICAL to the way you send it to us.  So be sure to use high quality images and reverse/flip any designs that you need to face the opposite direction. We can not make changes to a file that you send to us.


* Use a graphic design or word processor program (Photoshop, MS Paint, MS Word, etc.) to layout as many designs as you can to fit on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet.
* Do a test print with ordinary paper first to make sure everything looks good.
* Your printers setting should be BEST QUALITY with PHOTO GLOSS paper.
* Stick in the decal paper for printing on the GLOSSY SIDE and hit print.
* Allow to dry for about an hour then spray with a acrylic clear coat paint. This is NOT included but can be purchased at any hardware such as Lowes, Wal-Mart, etc. Apply 2-3 THIN coats until the print is covered evenly and appears shinny.
* After the clear coat is dry (see can for dry times), cut out your designs from the sheet using ordinary SHARP scissors.
* Put a decal in a cup of clean water for approximately 45-60 seconds until the decal starts separating from the backing.
* Remove the backing (and discard) and apply your decal by positioning the decal in place and running your finger across to force any water out that may be left behind the decal.
* Repeat for each decal then sit back and enjoy your completely custom decals you made!

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