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Most decals can be made in any color you want. Click the image above for information on how to choose a color.

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You choose the design or logo you want.  We can use any custom logo you like including your own.  We highly recommend that this should be set up with sales BEFORE you place the order in case we see any issues with the file.  If you would like to order, please send an email with all the details first or you can upload it here when you order.  We will probably have questions so be sure to check your email within the next few days after the order is placed (junk mail folder too).  If possible, send a file of the logo(s) you are wanting with that email to speed up the process. Your logo should be in vector format of .ai, .eps or .pdf.  Once we approve the file and get it set up we will give you a custom file name for your order.  Come back here and put your custom file name in the comments box when ordering.  You do not need to re-upload your file on here if we already have the file set up for you.

Your decals can be anything you want.  Simple peel-and-stick installation.

We can divide these up into whatever quantity per sheet (most customers choose 10-12 per sheet).

Can be printed on clear or white material.  Actual decal will have a slight border that contours around the shape of the design.  Printing on white will make the colors appear brighter as the ink is semi-transparent.  But this will leave a white outline around the design.  Note that we can not print white ink on clear material; so any whidth within the design will be clear when choosing clear as your material choice.  Clear can be used but it is primarily used for dark inks or if the decal is to be used on white or light colored nails.  This is because the inks are semi-transparent.  More information on printing on clear vinyl can be found here.  You can specify the size of the decal as some customers want them slightly larger or smaller than standard size.

Decals can be clear coated over but the ink is sensitive to some types of clear polish.  So it is best to very lightly drag the clear over the nail with the brush mainly just touching the polish, not the actual decal.

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