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Can't wait for my husband to get home and see how well these turned out.
I didn't no that the decal was going to be black.I wonted it red
I received my shipment a couple days after ordering and am completely satisfied with the service. I received multiple free decals for both sizes which will definitely be used elsewhere. I primarily made these for my Mazda RX-7 TII and am planning on placing them prior to clear coating my new paint job. They look fantastic and as I said, the free ones are in incredible bonus.
My order just arrived and they are exactly what I wanted. Thank you very much for your help and great customer service.
Best and fastest Service in the planet!! Thx again Jacy!!
yall the best out there
Thank you! Decals look awesome! I will definitely be ordering again in the future.
Thank you for getting me the decals in such fast time.It showed up like 48 hours after I placed the order.
You guys went above and beyond to get this made as I wanted it.Looked around for months trying to find someone who could make.
Just G R E A T!
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