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I was not impressed what so ever with my $250.00 decals and I think your customer service is horrible from what I’ve see so far. I hope you guys do something to change my opinion of what I’ve experienced so far.

Fast Decals response: Extra large decals were ordered that come in 2 sections. We state this in two places on the order form that must've been overlooked by the customer. But the main issue is that this is just how large decals come from most companies and is not that big of a deal to install them as 2 sections. It is actually EASIER to install the two smaller sections vs. one large section. This is VERY common in the industry as most large decals are installed this's just so subtle that you don't even notice that there is a seam.
Ordered Metallica Star Decal, 5 inch, in battleship gray. Excellent quality!! Great color, clean crisp cut out of decal. Fast shipping and care in packaging. Shipped with an extra, free decal of the same. Thank you Fast Decals!
I ordered a very specific and odd set of decals. Not only did they work with me to get the look exactly right, but they also added custom decals that I wanted. They even sent me extra variants to make sure I had exactly what I wanted. It was an absolute pleasure ordering from them and I will not hesitate to order from them again in the future.
Just got them today and they look great!
You have never disappointed!
Thanks so much for yet another positive experience!
An email response at 10PM on a you all sleep? Thanks for getting my file set up so quickly. Our custom stickers arrived in 4 days.
Our truck decals turned out awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for helping me out Jacy.
I ordered 2 DV8 decals with red outline around black . I received 4 decals total, two red and two black . Confused as to why I had to install the black on top of the red myself instead of receiving them that way , I went with it anyway . So one of the 4 decals had a hard folded crease in the decal to where I did not install due to the damage . I emailed about a replacement and was basically made fun of over it lol . If the situation isn’t handled I will post the entire email conversation so you can see yourself . I’ve never left a bad review on anyone as I understand that things happen. I also know that in owning a business, taking care of the customer is most of the time a high priority of interest . Not in this case ....

Response from Fast Decals: Sorry you feel this way. As explained in our emails, you ordered 2 decals but we actually were nice enough to send you a 3rd for free (we do this a LOT when there is room on the sheet to make extras). I understand this 3rd one was damaged during shipping but since it was something we sent you for free in the same package it is not "owed" to you even though it got damaged. Find it hard to believe this is even an issue worth writing a bad review over. This is a prime example of "no good deed goes unpunished".
Jacy...You are a customer service MACHINE!!
Thanks so much for such turnaround. You are simply fantastic!
Good stuff. love how easy they were to install
The kids love the decals we put on their walls. I'm going to get some custom stuff from you.
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