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USA Owned and OperatedPayments Are SecureFast Decals Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Just got the stickers in the mail, they look great. Thanks again for all your help! Take care
I received my Suzuki 'S' decals today and they look beautiful. I am working on a resto project for which I desperately needed these markings. I am extremely happy that I found your company. Yahoo search connected me by the way.
Anyhow, I try to thank folks when they do great work, so again, I appreciate your work and customer service.
Thanks. I am a firefighter/paramedic and also work for a Federal Disaster Management team and its all too often you are unappreciated for your work....especially by salary, ya know? :-)
Thank you. You guys are the only ones I will order decals from because of the excellent customer service you offer! Thank you!
I recieved my Subaru decals today AWESOME JOB!!! They really look great. I looked the web over to find them and your store was the only place I could find what I wanted. You really offer alot of options so a person can make the decals thier own. I bought some Peugeot wheels for my Subaru Loyale and they have a lion emblem on the center caps. I'm going to put the decals over the lion and make them Subaru wheels. I don't have time to apply them til I get back home but I will send pix when I get them done. Again thanks for the great job and great customer service YOU ROCK!!! PHins UP!!! ~~^~~
wow.... what great service! i got them last week and put them on the tail of my bike the other day... they look awesome and add a uniqueness to it. thanks for the swift service....
Thank you for the awesome decals!!!
Received today and they are brilliant. Many Thanks.
Thanks so much for your fast and responsive service!
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